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The Auriplex iEar wireless listening solution has been designed to meet your communication needs in difficult situations where even advanced hearing aids cannot fully help.

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Auriplex Smartphone "A new concept in hearing..." 出展製品 and at Audiology Now!, Denver, USA.

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We at Auriplex aspire to enhancing the lives of the hard of hearing globally. We design and engineer efficient and effective patented hearing technologies such as our iEar FM wireless assistive listening system to facilitate social communication


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iEar is a desirable wireless FM hearing solution to help you communicate in difficult hearing situations. Elegantly designed and full featured, the iEar delivers clear, high fidelity audio with greater independence than high-end hearing aids at affordable prices. It can both add wireless FM technology to your current hearing aid and operate as a standalone hearing solution.

With its powerful, light and small transmitter that can selectively pick up wanted sounds over noise and relay them to your ears through high quality earpieces, the iEar will help promote in a vision of accessible hearing for all and a new era of growth and opportunity for hearing aid technologies and the hearing aid industry.

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