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The Auriplex iEar wireless listening solution has been designed to meet your communication needs in difficult situations where even advanced hearing aids cannot fully help.

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Caring for your aural experience

How does iEar help me to hear?
How does iEar work with my hearing aid?

The Auriplex iEar wireless listening solution has been designed to meet your communication needs in difficult situations where even advanced hearing aids cannot fully help. A seamless integral system made up of a highly selective wireless transmitter with quality surround and directional microphones and versatile high fidelity left and right earpieces, the iEar was developed with the close collaboration of researchers from the University of Cambridge, and with the help of the exacting members of UK hard of hearing organisations.

iEar System

 Your iEar transmitteriEar

will selectively pick up sounds at their source through high quality directional or through surround microphone and relay them wirelessly to your high fidelity earpieces.

 The earpiecesiEar

will send the sounds directly to your ears or alternatively, using their T-loop compatibility feature, convey them at ultra high quality to T-switch enabled hearing aids, allowing hearing aid users to have both the comfort of the iEar and the customised benefits of their hearing aids.

Just give the transmitter to the speaker, or place it near the presenter, and you will be able to hear everything that they say.

 Your iEar carry case: iEar

Take your iEar with you with the stylish carry case and enjoy the sounds of daily living! The carry case will also double up as a charging dock for the earpieces.

Using the iEar


The iEar

  • Comes with
    • a small ultra portable wireless transmitter with surround and directional microphones and battery
    • right and left high fidelity earpieces with batteries
    • a stylish protective carry case
    • a charger
    • and full starter pack including your 1 year parts and labour warranty.
  • Will help you communicate better in difficult situations
  • Will boost and supplement T enabled hearing aids with wireless FM technology
  • Will also work as an affordable standalone system
  • Has flexible and selective sound pick up capabilities
  • Assuredly avoids acoustic feedback -usually whistling and other loud unpleasant sounds- inherent to the design of other devices
  • Does much more!

Getting hold of an iEar

Photo of the Auriplex iEar Hearing Aid

Purchasing your iEar FM solution comes at a fraction of the price of other wireless assistive listening devices and the price itself is worth the stimulus it will provide to your inner ear to reduce hearing nerve decay.

Quality Assurance, Acclaim and critical review

We have developed the iEar with your interests and needs in mind, conducting stringent tests with the University of Cambridge, and manufacturing to the highest standards.

Here is what hearing aid professionals had to say about the iEar. If you would like to be quoted here as a user, send us your comment.

"This simple device is a blessing in terms of simplicity of wear and usage."

"[] unfortunately, no hearing aid is the total answer, no matter how good, or indeed, how expensive it is!"

"What a great add on!"

"Certainly makes FM solutions quite a bit more affordable and widespread!"